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Top 5 ways to save money on your bachelorette party

Posted by Alexia Haubert on

Top 5 ways to save money on your bachelorette party

Are you planning a bachelorette party and wondering how to save money in the process?

Do you wish to have an epic bash without breaking the bank? With a few cost-cutting tips, you can save money and have so much fun. Let's be honest, nothing can compare to the excitement of spending a bachelorette night with your friends! It's all about living in the moment and creating unforgettable memories by enjoying and spending time together. The best part is that this celebration doesn’t have to be costly!

With these savvy tips, get ready to have the BEST time of your life without having to splurge money. Let's get started!

1.  Plan in advance             

My No.1 recommendation to brides is to start planning as early as possible. Booking in advance enables you to get the best rates. You can rent Air BnBs or hotels at cheap prices. Moreover, some places offer tremendous discounts if you pre-pay for activities. It is always a good idea to check them out!

Last-minute reservations can cost you a lot. Also, try to map out your bachelorette itinerary as early as two months before the getaway. Planning early saves you money, helps you to avail best deals, and also saves you from last-minute reservation stress. It provides you with ample time to choose locations that have cheap rents, is easily drive-able, and are surrounded by a plethora of fun activities.

2.      Look out for group bundles

Another great money-saving tip is to go to places that are offering various deals and discounts on group bundles – regardless of which bachelorette party theme you opt for. There are so many places that offer special deals for bach parties. Make sure to keep an eye on these offers and avail them.

If you are traveling, book your flights and accommodation through sites that offer group discounts. This can help you to save huge chunks of money.

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3.      Save cost on transportation

The best tip to save money on transportation while planning your bachelorette party is to opt for a place that is easily accessible and within driving distance. If you are traveling internationally to celebrate a destination bach party, look for a carpool or consider traveling through public transport to save money. Share the cost of Uber with your friends to help reduce transportation costs. This is one of the best bachelorette ideas that will come in super handy!

4.      Check out for free activities

Search the internet and browse for free fun activities in your bachelorette destination spot. You have no idea how much joy these little things can bring. Plus, it is the perfect chance to explore the city with your besties without breaking the bank. Browse through the city’s event calendar and look out for festivals, magic shows, rooftop bars, comedy shows, and concerts.

5.      Do online bachelorette party gift shopping

Bach parties are all about spending time with each other and creating beautiful special memories. It is always a nice idea to commemorate these happy moments to get some gifts. But do these gifts have to be expensive? No way! You can find so many good gift options online at reasonable rates.

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