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Top 5 things to do at a winter Bachelorette

Posted by Alexia Haubert on

Top 5 things to do at a winter Bachelorette

Planning a fun-filled weekend getaway to celebrate your Bach party with your friends? Are you looking for some exquisite bachelorette party themes to have the most memorable time of your life?

If yes, then this blog post is the perfect place for you!

While brainstorming ideas for your bride-to-be, make sure that you include everything that she loves. Planning a bachelorette party is so much fun, especially if you are hosting it in winter! The snowy season creates the perfect cozy atmosphere for celebrations.

Here are some amazing themes and ideas for you to plan an epic bachelorette party:

Arrange a pajama party                  

Make the bach party unforgettable by arranging a pajama sleepover. You and your girls show up in matching pajamas with cute beanies and scrunches. Snap your girls’ night in and don’t forget to play winter board games together! The flannel pajamas are perfect for complementing the coziness of the winter season. You can customize beanies with letters like ‘bride’ or ‘babe’ to channel a fun vibe – they look so adorable! Don’t forget to sip on hot chocolate, it will add the perfect touch to your party!

Have an epic movie night

If it is too cold to go outside, you and your crew can stay inside and host an amazing movie marathon. This is one of those winter bachelorette party ideas that are so simple to pull off, yet so enjoyable. You can browse Netflix to check out the latest rom-com or Christmas-themed movies. This is also your chance to arrange an amazing house party and have the BEST time of your life!

Go for ice skating or attend a winter festival

If you are opting for a destination winter bachelorette party, schedule your visit around the time of festivals and carnivals. This is the most magical and enchanting time of the year. With illuminating lights and beautiful décor, everything looks so dreamy. If you love adventures, you can also go ice skating with your friends to create timeless memories together. This is the best season to try new things! Skating is a popular and well-loved winter activity.

Have a bonfire night

Another great winter bachelorette party theme is to have a bonfire night. It is a lovely, memorable, and intimate way to spend time with your friends. Sip on hot chocolate, toast your marshmallows, admire the beauty of nature, and sing lively songs to create unforgettable memories. Also, don’t forget to arrange a S’more bar!

The cozy environment adorned with hot cocoa and live music set the ideal vibe for a winter getaway.

Plan a spa day with your gal pals

Rent a cozy cabin with a hot tub to have an iconic spa day with your gal pals. This is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and laugh with your best friends!

There are so many places that offer discounts on groups. Avail of the deals and treat your girls to a relaxing spa day. A winter bachelorette party is a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and your friends with soothing massages and facials.

I hope that you love the above bachelorette party themes and ideas. For more great tips, head over to my website. Also, don’t forget to visit my shop to have a look at cute bachelorette party gift ideas for your winter weekend getaway!

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