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About Us🩷

My name is Lexie, Owner and Artisan at Crafty Lady Boutique. I am a mom of 3 boys and a wife to the best hubby ever!! I started CLB in 2018 on Etsy after I DIY'd our wedding in 2017... I was looking for a unique way to ask my Bridesmaids to be in my wedding and I couldn't find anything I liked so I invented the Bridesmaid proposal box!! I quickly became the top 1% of all etsy sellers in the world in the wedding category!! That was amazing!! On top of the world!! Then covid came 😥 and stopped all the weddings. My business came to a hault overnight... it was scary... I had 2 employees at the time too... we managed to work separately from our own houses during this time to keep pushing through. Fast forward to 2021... the wedding industry just wasn't the same for me at least. My business started to dwindle away and I knew I had to come up with something else... that was when I started The Monogrammed Bride subscription box in December 2021!! Afterall, I have mastered my craft by now... brides will surely want something made just for them, right!?! Yes!!! It has been amazing!! I am still working out of my house and dreaming of having a shop again one day!! I have almost 300 subscribers currently and I am thankful for every single one!! Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting me, my family and my little business with big dreams 🩷