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"Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Creative Proposals for Your Besties

Posted by katie fisher on

Ah, the joy of getting engaged! Now that you’ve said yes to your perfect match, it's time to start thinking about who you want by your side as you walk down the aisle. We understand that asking your best friends to stand with you on this special day is significant, and the manner in which you ask them should be just as memorable. Here’s a trendy guide on how to make your “Bridesmaid Proposal” as unique and special as the bond you share.

15 Cute and Creative ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid

1. Bride & Babe Coffee Glasses:
Start the day right by gifting them a personalized coffee glass, setting the tone for many more morning chats about wedding planning.

2. Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box:
Spoil them with a curated box full of goodies they'll adore. Every time they use or wear something from the box, they'll be reminded of your special bond. Check out all these goodies to fill your box with.

3. Matching Robes:
Give them a sneak peek of the wedding morning by gifting luxurious matching robes that will make for some great photos on the big day!

4. Build-Your-Own Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes:
Tailor each box to your bridesmaids' tastes. Choose items that resonate with each of them, showcasing how much you value and know them.

5. Boho Bridesmaid Proposal Box:
Perfect for your boho-chic friends! This box complete with a heartfelt card and personalized items ensures your bridesmaids feel cherished.

6. 'I Can't Tie the Knot Without You' Bridesmaid Scrunchies:
A fun and functional gift that they can use daily, reminding them of the big day ahead.

7. Personalized Makeup Bags:
A daily essential, made extra special with their name on it. They'll carry it everywhere, keeping memories of your bond close.

8. Customized Bridal Party Jean Jackets:
A trendy and stylish gift, these jackets are perfect for pre-wedding parties or the morning of the big day.

9. Personalized Bridesmaid Tumblers:
Hydration in style! These tumblers are not only useful but will also serve as a cherished keepsake.

10. Custom Bridesmaid Tote Bags:
Practical and chic, these personalized tote bags can hold all their wedding essentials.

11. Bridesmaid Sleep Masks:
Ensuring they get their beauty sleep before the big day, these personalized sleep masks are a cute and functional gift.

12. Bride & Bridesmaid Hangers:
A classy gift they can use for the wedding day and beyond, perfect for those dress-up photos!

13. Customized Tumbler:
A trendy way to stay hydrated, and a perfect companion for the bachelorette party and the wedding morning.

14. Personalized Sweet Treat:
Who can say no to cookies? Especially if they're customized with a sweet message asking them to be part of your special day.

 15.Personalized Bridesmaid Keychains: A cute and practical gift for a bridesmaid proposal! Choose up to 10 characters to spell out names, wedding titles, or other meaningful words! Your bridesmaids will love this little gift.

No matter how you decide to propose, remember that it's the thought, effort, and the bond you share with your bridesmaids that matter the most. Cheers to the memories you'll make together leading up to and on your wedding day!