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Top 5 gifts to get your bridal party

Posted by katie fisher on

Top 5 gifts to get your bridal party

Having the help and support of your friends and family during your wedding preparations is something you should be really thankful for. And if your love language is giving gifts, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re unsure what to gift to your bridal party as a “thank you” for their support, there’s nothing better than surprising them with a personalized gift. Check the following list of my top 5 bridal party gifts that I’m sure will leave them speechless:


Travel jewelry case

This is one of those bridal party gift ideas that are both excellent and practical. I bet that your squad will be very pleased with these cute jewelry cases, as they can now have all their favorite accessories on board when traveling. They can even use this case to pack the jewelry they’ll wear on your big day. Bracelets, rings, earrings, or necklaces – this jewelry case has a place for everything to be neatly arranged!


Floral robe

This one is part of the classic bridesmaids’ gifts! Just as you can’t do your preparations without your bridal robe, neither should your bridesmaids. How nice it would be to see all your squad dressed in matching floral satin robes while you’re spending some quality time together before the ceremony. You can even personalize the robes with your bridesmaids’ initials to make them feel extra special! Just imagine how lovely those photos will be with you in the middle, surrounded by your nearest and dearest in matching floral robes.


Tote bag

I am sure you will want to surprise your bridal party with something pretty, fun, and most of all – practical. So a personalized tote bag with their name, nickname, photo, or caricature will be another idea to consider when it comes to wedding party gifts. They could even use it for all the necessary stuff they need to bring on your big day. And if you are willing to expand your budget, you can fill each tote bag with some essentials for the special event – a mirror, hair clip, or lip balm.


Sleep mask

Sleep masks would make such a great choice for bridesmaids’ gifts, so your crew can get their beauty sleep before the grand celebration. No one will want to see those under-eye bags! I recommend that you go for a satin finish, so they would look more glamorous. You can also take it up a notch and personalize them by adding their initials or nicknames. 


Personalized wine tumbler

If your bridal squad is a wine fan, this is the perfect gift. Personalize the tumblers so that each of them is unique. You can choose your bridesmaids’ favorite color and include their names. Raise your tumblers for a ‘happily ever after’ and drink in style! If you need ideas, check out the personalized wine tumbler in my shop!

Whichever wedding party gifts you choose, the most important thing is that your bridal party feels super special and unique. On my online shop, you’ll be able to find each of these gifts to surprise your loving squad. And if you're looking for more inspiration, feel free to read through the rest of my blog.