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Shop Small This Holiday Season

Posted by Alexia Haubert on

Shop small this holiday season

By now, you've probably heard a lot about the pandemic’s impact on the economy, especially on local small businesses. And since small companies still suffer the consequences, their owners hope this holiday season will boost their sales.

Although people often choose to do their Christmas shopping at some department stores, this is your sign that this year, you should show more support towards local stores and small businesses. 

Here is how you can make a difference and shop small for the upcoming holidays. I’m sure you’ll be able to get your loved ones something unique and special, and you’ll certainly make the local business owners feel happy and hopeful.

Buy Christmas presents at local stores 

Christmas shopping is ever so exciting! I know that sometimes it might seem easier to do holiday shopping at the big box stores where you have everything in one place. But think about how fun it will be to find unique gifts at your local boutiques or some pop-up stores in your hometown. You can surprise your dearest with a special pair of handmade earrings or some organic body butter made from scratch. Or better yet, you can visit craft fairs and get yourself some handcrafted ornament for your Christmas tree.

If you’re a fan of online shopping, you can still shop small at plenty of e-tailers that offer a variety of personalized products.

Support and share

If you enjoy your small shopping experience, you can do a good deed by spreading the word. Small businesses have a low (or no) budget for advertising, so it would be nice of you to leave some positive reviews even outside the social media bubble. You can talk about your positive experience on Google or Yelp, or tell your friends, neighbors, or relatives. Local retailers will benefit the most from word-of-mouth praise.

Shop small for your Christmas feast 

Every holiday season, you get stuck in the long line at the supermarket, buying groceries for your family feast. This year, I give you one of the best holiday shopping tips – exploring local bakeries and tasting homemade bread. Try fresh and organic fruit and vegetables from the farmers' markets and feel the difference. Not only will you help small businesses, but you will also see that foods taste a little better when they are locally produced!

Treat someone with a gift card

A gift card is always a good idea! For this holiday season, choose to make your special someone happy while investing in the local economy at the same time. The owners of the local store will be very grateful!

Supporting local businesses goes beyond immediate financial benefits. When you shop small, you help a family bring food to the table, pay for a child’s piano lessons or contribute to a student’s college fund. Buying from local stores and small businesses seems like a win-win scenario to me.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, keep reading my blog. Also, feel free to discover the Christmas collection available in my online shop – you may find the best gift for this holiday season!