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October 2023 The Monogrammed Bride Box Reveal- Spooky Bride Box

Posted by Alexia Haubert on


Unveil the haunting elegance of our October monogrammed Bride Box, where spooky charm meets bridal bliss. Embrace the spirit of the season with personalized touches designed for the bewitching bride-to-be!

Spooky Bride Subscription Box


The first item is this Personalized In My Spooky Bride Era Sweatshirt!!!
Embrace your spooky bridal vibes with this white sweatshirt, featuring the playful proclamation "In my spooky bride era" on the back, adorned with whimsical bats, an engagement ring, a friendly ghost, and a charming spider. The front showcases your future last name in sleek black lettering, accompanied by a cute ghost playfully peeking from the pocket area.
Personalized Spooky Bride Sweatshirt
Next is this super cute Bride Bucket Hat!!
Complement your 'Spooky Bride' ensemble with this chic white bucket hat, delicately embroidered with the word 'Bride' in a hauntingly elegant black thread. The perfect accessory to crown your bridal festivities during the spooky season!
Embroidered Bride bucket hat
Adorn your ears with these ethereal white dangle earrings, meticulously woven in twine and featuring a cascading trio of spheres, graduating from the daintiest at the top to the boldest at the bottom. A mesmerizing blend of rustic charm and spooky elegance for the unique bride.
Dive deep into your 'Spooky Bride Era' with this vibrant sticker, echoing the enchanting design of the sweatshirt but in a lively blend of purple and orange hues. Whether adorning your planner, laptop, or water bottle, this sticker adds a bewitching touch of bridal flair wherever you choose to place it!
In my spooky bride era sticker
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