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Let’s Get Ready To Party! Planning the Perfect Barbie Themed Bachelorette Party

Posted by katie fisher on

 Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your last days of singlehood?

A Barbie themed bachelorette party is just what you need! This fun, festive theme is perfect for any age group and can be tailored to fit your own personality and style. So, let’s get ready to party and plan the perfect Barbie themed bachelorette party!

Bribe Bach Party

Invitations are the first step in planning any event. Make sure your guests know they are invited to a Barbie themed bachelorette by sending out invitations that match the theme. You can easily find printable invitations or design your own with bright colors and glitter accents. Include all of the necessary information about time, date, location, dress code, and RSVP details.

Girls Just want to have fun party invites

Elegant Bach Party Invites

You’ll want all of your decorations to match the Barbie theme. Think pink, sparkles, and lots of glam! This could include anything from wall decorations like banners or balloons to table centerpieces such as flower arrangements or custom-printed photo frames. You can even create a DIY photo booth area with props like boas, tiaras, and sunglasses.

Bribe bach decorations

The Perfect Balloon Arch for your Barbie Bach Party 

Pool Floating


Are you looking for the perfect outfit for a Barbie-themed bachelorette party? Look no further! 

Bride Bach Party

Swimsuit Cover Up 

Babe Swim Suit 

Babe Trucker hat

Bride Swim Suit 

Bride Trucker Hat

Food & Drinks
No party is complete without food and drinks! To stay on theme with a barbie-inspired look incorporate pink everywhere – think pastel cupcakes topped with edible pearls or candy shaped like heels. Add some variety with finger foods such as mini sliders or veggie platters.

Serve up signature cocktails in plastic flutes adorned with rhinestones for an extra pop of glamour. Don’t forget non-alcoholic beverages like homemade lemonade or strawberry margaritas for those who don’t drink alcohol.

Keep your drinks cold in this Bribe Tumbler

Check out these Personalize drink pouches, Perfect for pool side parties

Try these Barbie Themed Drink Recipes

Hot pink Barbie Drink 

Barbie Cocktail

A Barbie-themed bachelorette party is perfect for anyone looking for a unique way to celebrate their last days as a single woman! With these tips it should be easy to plan the perfect bash that will have everyone talking about it long after it’s over! From invitations to decorations to food & drinks – customize this theme however you want it so that it truly reflects your own personal style & tastes while still making sure you keep things classy & fun at all times! Happy planning!