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5 creative alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook

Posted by katie fisher on

5 creative alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook

I think we have all been to a wedding and just pass by the guestbook without even noticing it was there. Let's be honest, they almost always end up stored in a box that’s never opened. Don’t get me wrong, I think having a wedding guestbook is a must! But don’t you want your guests to share their warm wishes more uniquely? Luckily, modern couples find unique and original ways to incorporate this traditional idea, making it more interactive for the guests. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you.


1. A wish tree

Talk about a unique wedding guest book! Put a pot with a tree at your reception entrance and some leaf-shaped papers with strings and markers next to it. Your guests would use these to write down their congratulations and hang them on the tree. You can rest assured that this creative wedding guestbook will not be overlooked!


2. Wishes in a bottle

Replace the traditional guestbook with a large glass bottle. Depending on your wedding style, you can decorate it with lace and ribbons or leave it bare. Let your guests write their short thoughts of love on decorative or colored paper to give vividness to the bottle. When you arrive from your honeymoon, open the bottle and read all the messages. This is one of those personalized guest book ideas that will truly warm your hearts!


3. A personalized puzzle Click the link to grab one we found on etsy from Secret Creation

Invite your guests to write their heartfelt messages on a puzzle piece! A personalized guest book will definitely win the hearts of your loved ones. You can simply order a completely customized cardboard or wood puzzle with a photo of you two. Put all the pieces in a basket, jumbled up, so your friends and family can later pick up a piece and write a note on each one. Once the big day is over, you will not only have a lovely personal puzzle but dozens of phrases that will make it even more unique.


4. Multimedia guestbook

How about a polaroid wedding guest book? Create a stand with a Polaroid camera and an empty photo album decorated to match your theme and style. I’m sure your guests won’t miss the chance to take a selfie at the reception and fill the album with photos and warm wishes. This wedding guestbook will definitely put a smile on your face. Here’s another idea! Instead of a camera, put an old landline phone and let your guests leave voicemail congrats. This little item will ideally fit in if you opt for a vintage-style wedding. Just imagine how fun it will be to ‘leave your wishes after the beep’! I bet you’ll laugh while hearing your callers’ voice messages.


5. It’s raining wishes!

This is one of the most creative ideas you can incorporate into your wedding. Arrange a bunch of photos on branches or let them hang from the ceiling. Your guests can leave their notes on the back of each photo, creating your own “rain of wishes.” How cool does this sound? Although pleasant memories always remain in the heart and mind, what is written becomes eternal. That's where the idea of a wedding guestbook comes from – ensuring that the best wishes of those who attended your special day stay with you forever.


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