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2023 wedding color trends

Posted by Alexia Haubert on

2023 wedding color trends

You are getting married this year?! Congratulations! I can tell you’re having a minor panic attack thanks to all the ‘life-important’ choices you have to make to create pure perfection out of your big day. If you’ve already decided on the theme, your next step is choosing a wedding color palette! So relax, take a deep breath and let me guide you through this year’s wedding color trends.   

If last year was all about pastel shades and neutrals, this year is all about boldness! I am talking about small colorful details that will capture the attention but not steel the moment. So, these are the trendy 2023 wedding colors you should go for:

Dark greens

This bold and rich shade is an elegant option for your green decoration. Combined with bronze and antique gold, dark green will give you a luxury vibe at your reception. You can use natural materials like moss and fir for the table centerpieces, and precious fabrics like silk or velvet. Still looking for the ideal 2023 wedding color trends for your bridesmaids’ dresses? Let yourself be inspired by the dark shades of this lush color. Include nude heels and a matching bag to complete the outfit.

Rust orange

This vibrant orange color is one of the most exquisite wedding color trends that will add boldness and warmness to the atmosphere. Combine it with black, gold, and beige, and you, my bride, have a perfect color match! Imagine this: a beige tablecloth with a rusty orange runner and one gorgeous gold candlestick on top of it. Use black chairs to add a little drama, and you will achieve a perfectly harmonized and balanced table look. 

Mustard yellow

Uncommon, but definitely very cheerful! This tone will find its place in many wedding color schemes because it relates to happiness, friendship, optimism, and kindness. For your big day, use this mustard yellow in subtle details like cake decorations, thank-you gifts, and stationery. Make sure it’s a balanced combination so it doesn’t come as tacky.

Deep purples

These gorgeous tones are associated with luxury, mystery, creativity, and spiritualism. As for wedding color trends, this is one of the most popular. You can practically incorporate it everywhere; from bridal bouquets – lilacs, tulips, or peonies, to elegant but chic bridesmaids' dresses. You can even choose purple lighting for the dance floor to achieve a romantic and magical atmosphere.

Blush pink

When it comes to 2023 wedding color trends, these soft tones of pink are reserved for the most sophisticated brides! Skip the expected white dress and give your bridal gown a touch of pink! Mix it with lilac and soft yellow and you will have the perfect combination for your chic spring wedding. Choose the same shade for the groom’s tie, and you will be a perfect match. 

Choosing the perfect 2023 wedding color for your big day is a creative process that should start with a small idea: a meaningful item, a favorite tone, or the season. Make sure to personalize whatever you choose to create a completely unique experience.

I hope these wedding color trends will help you choose your ideal shade. For more inspiration, check out my other blogs, and take a peek at my shop to see if you can find something that matches your theme! Be sure to check out The Monogrammed bride monthly subscription that comes with 4-6 items, and at least 1 item in every box is personalized with your future last name!