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10 Creative Ways to Ask "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"

Posted by katie fisher on

Now that you’ve found your forever partner, it's time to gather your squad for the big day. Popping the question to your bridesmaids can be a fun and memorable experience. Whether you want to go big or keep it intimate, here are ten creative bridesmaid proposal ideas to ensure your friends feel as special as they truly are:

Wine Night Magic: Host a cozy wine night at your place. At the evening’s end, surprise them with a bottle adorned with a custom label playfully asking, “Will you be in my Bridesmaid?” Cheers to new memories!  Add a Custom Wine glass for a little extra spark. 


Treasure in a Gift Box: Go traditional with a twist. Pack a beautiful box with wedding-related treats, like mini champagne bottles, nail polish, and sheet masks. Top it off with a personal note, ensuring your love and appreciation shine through. Order a personalized proposal box from the Crafty lady boutique and WOW your bridesmaids with ease. 

Afternoon Tea Elegance: Invite your besties for a classic afternoon tea. Amidst the scones, clotted cream, and petit fours, slip in your heartfelt proposal. And remember, nothing seals the deal quite like champagne! Surprise your Favorite gals with a customize glass tumbler and the end of your tea by sharing a little love.

Robe Life Invitation: Gift your gals with matching robes. This isn’t just a thoughtful gift but sets the tone for the many pamper sessions leading up to the big day

Cocktail Soirée: Elevate the proposal with a sophisticated evening of craft cocktails and delectable canapés. An intimate setting, a few drinks, and a heartfelt question - it’s a sure-fire win. Add a personalized stemless wine glass to show a little extra love 


Bubbly Brunch Proposal: Host a brunch replete with mimosas and your favorite breakfast treats. As the bubbles flow, let your question float in the air and await their elated "yes."  Customize each ladies table setting with a personalized proposal box. 

T-Shirt Tease: For those who love a good chuckle, create quirky t-shirts with phrases like “Bride’s Squad” or “Maid of Honor in the Making?”. It's fun, memorable, and they get a cool tee out of it! Check out these tees from a Crafty Lady Boutique

Personalized Tote Surprises: Show them how well you know them. Fill totes with their favorite things, from snacks to beauty products. A personal touch always makes a difference.


In-Person Heart-to-Heart: Sometimes, simplicity is the key. Take them out for coffee or a quiet dinner and spill your heart out. Share your journey, reminisce old memories, and make them feel cherished. Create a customized proposal box special for each lady

Dress Up and Dine: Organize a fancy dinner and surprise them with the big question as the night unfolds. Nothing beats the classic charm of an intimate gathering. Add a special touch by gift all your lady's with a personalized proposal box before you hit the town. 

Remember, these are just ideas. The best proposal is the one that resonates with your unique bond with each friend. Whether it's through grand gestures or heartfelt conversations, make sure they know how indispensable they are to your big day. Happy proposing!