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The Monogrammed Bride December Gift Box

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Hello Beautiful Bride!! This listing is for a 1 time gift box, this is an introduction to our subscription box. You can order this box without signing up to see if you like it!! Anyone who orders the gift box will get first dibs at signing up for our subscription box as well. We have a limited availability in both our gift boxes and sub boxes while we get started.

Gift Box includes:

1 Monogrammed sweater in white with rose gold writing. The pocket is monogrammed as well as the sleeve.

1 Monogrammed Coffee Mug in white and rose gold. 11 oz.

1 Monogrammed Rose Gold Studded Tumbler with white writing. double walled with straw 24 oz. 

1 All natural Chapstick in rose gold.

***These will ship out the 1st week of December!***

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!!