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Skinny Can Cooler, Stainless Steel 12 oz. holder

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Listing is for 1 stainless steel skinny can holder... perfect for tall slim cans. Get it personalized with our high quality vinyl so you don't misplace your drink again! Choose either a name OR title and your favorite font color.

Skinny Can Cooler features:
- BPA free
- Double walled stainless steel, kitchen grade
- copper infused for temperature control
- do not bleach or chlorine
- hand wash only
- do not put in microwave
- intended for aluminum slim cans
- 2.8" Outer Diameter, 1.7" Inner Diameter, 6.1" Length
- fits in cupholders

Colors Available:
- White (glitter)
- Burgundy (glitter)
- Sea Foam (matte)
- Rose Gold (glitter)
- Blush (glitter)

- Black (glitter)

Our Skinny Can Cooler is designed to hold most popular brand name skinny canned beverages ranging from: hard seltzers, sparkling water, tea, and energy drinks. Screw on lid is equipped with a rubber gasket that securely grips and holds your can in place. Once secured, your drink stays refreshingly chilled for up to 12 hours. Slim, condensation free body is finished off with a silver base trim for a stylistic finish resembling the look and feel of your traditional canned beverage.

Crafted with high quality, food grade stainless steel. This material is commonly found in professional kitchens; utilized for its non-porous nature for resistance against bacteria, mold and lingering odors. The 18% chromium and 8% nickel composition makes it less likely to rust or corrode.